Wine tasting tour in Hungary, Eger, Lake Balaton, Tokaj

Wine tasting tours

Wine tasting tour in Hungary, Eger, Lake Balaton, Tokaj

We offer the following wine tasting tour in Hungary, Eger, Lake Balaton, Tokaj :

South Pannonia Tour ( Villány, Pécs ) Wine tasting tour to Pécs and Villány
Try the amazing taste of Villány, the essential of Villány can be experienced by tasting the local wine! The produce of the premium wine is an art, enjoy it! Discover the architectural and the cultural heritage of the wine region! The local people are full of kindness and always treat our gests well, feel yourself amazing in the wine region, which can always renew without losing the traditions.

Balaton Tour (Badacsony, Balatonfüred, Csopak ) Wine tasting tour to Lake Balaton
The wines in the area of the Lake Balaton have their own speciality. Sitting front of a wine cellar and taste the wine gives an unforgettable feeling for you- because the quality of the wines comes together with the beauty of the nature. You can enjoy the view of the lake, vineyards, wine pressing houses, and the traditional small villages. Many of the artist and scientist got inspired from the area – this is one of the reasons why the wine of Badacsony is called as a „nectar of the God”.

Upper Hungary Tour (Eger, Mátra) Wine tasting tour to Eger
The wine region of Eger is where the pleasure hided. The capabilities of the wine region are wonderful and matchless, this is where fine, tasty and premium wines are made. Here the „serious” white wine and the „exciting” red wine are produced in the same time. That is why the wine tasting here is an marvelous and joyful program for all the guests. The various geographical conditions, the zones with special microclimate is the home of the wine-stocks, where the grape is the most beautiful gift of the creator.

Tokaj Tour (Tokaj) Wine tasting tour to Tokaj
The Tokaji Aszú(name of a Hungarian wine speciality) was always the premium of the premium wines because of its high quality. It is very famous here in Hungary, but also worldwide. This is the most known and famous Hungarian production – its name means more than a simple word everywhere in the world. The name became big by the quality which hasn’t changed from the very past since nowadays. The name means the philosophy – „quality is the most important ingredient”.

West Pannonia Tour (Pannonhalma) Wine tasting tour to Pannonhalma
„Created wine region”- as they advertise in themselves. But is not just an advertisement, because they believe in the creating, in the seriousness and the beauty of the creation.
„At the end only two of them are left, God and the wine”- quote of Béla Hamvas.
We hope that, you will meet both of them during discovering the area, wine tasting and sightseeing.

North Transdanubia Tour (Etyek, Buda ) Wine tasting tour to Etyek
„Etyek is the vineyard of Budapest” – this motto shows exactly what are Etyek made for.
The production of the premium wines means not only producing, it means more – it is a great possibility to every single resident of Budapest to feel more fit for life.

Wine tasting tour in Hungary, Eger, Lake Balaton, Tokaj

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